Core Problem Solving is what Intelligent Businesses do. We help you get there.

Businesses often live with symptomatic relief for the issues that challenge their existence. We eliminate the root cause to these issues, with lasting solutions, using our RADICAL ROOTINGTM approach.

We deliver what you want, along with what you truly need.

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A Business Compass is what Intelligent Businesses have. We help you build it.

Where's the business headed? What can the past tell you about your future? If you've asked these questions, then let's face it; you need a Compass to show the way.

We make business sense, because we give you a sense of your businessTM !

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Penny wise, Dollar wise, that's how Intelligent Businesses manage. We help you work this way.

Studies show that every dollar you invest to add Analytics and Reporting dashboards to your business, can pay for itself in under 2 years.

We give you the real time insight you need, to make those real world decisions you face.

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Down to earth ideation is what Intelligent Businesses do. We help you think like this.

Ideation is great, but down to earth ideation is better. We give shape, and substance to your business ideas by prioritizing decisions, building products and defining future roadmaps, based on insightful data.

Tell us your plans, your hopes, your teeming ideas yearning to break free.

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Paradigms are what Intelligent Businesses shift. We help you make them

Some business get caught in a cul-de-sac, and then there are those who break boundaries. We help you make that paradigm shift, through innovative, state of the art solutions.

We give you that outside-in perspective, so you know your market inside-out

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Why Choose STYLUS?

Optimize Investment

Our proprietary investigative methodology- Radical Rooting - ensures that you don't spend more than what's absolutely needed to solve your problem

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Committed to Quality

We don't come in with an agenda to sell a product. We provide you with options, so that you can choose what works best for your needs.

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Walk the Talk

Success, to us, is not just delivering a solution. We walk with you to confirm that your problem has been solved, and you see results.

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Improved Profitability

Our solutions solve your business problems in a measurable way, so that you see a positive impact on your financial bottomline.

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Who we are

About Company

Stylus Systems (Stylusinc) is an information & technology company based out of Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley. Stylusinc was launched in 1999, by our founder and first CEO, Ralph Budelman who is a management expert with over 20 years of experience. We offer cost-effective, quality oriented software & web services and solutions to clients across the globe. Conceived with a vision to leave behind a legacy of transformed peoples, Stylusinc has mushroomed into an organization that empowers its people to constantly push the limits of quality, both of solutions they deliver as well as the manner in which those services are delivered. Over the last decade, Stylusinc has served and helped raise more than 250 global companies to the next level.

Technology Management Services:

  • Solutions Consulting
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Mobile Applications
  • Business Intelligence

Financial Management Services:

  •  Order to cash process Mapping
  •  Cloud based Accounting
  •  Compliance and Tax Preparation
  •  Financial Reporting and Analysis

Meet Our Team

Vinny Alex - CEO & Managing Director

Vinny Alex serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Director of the Board of Directors.


Thomas Parackal - Executive Director & EVP

Thomas Parackal is an Executive Director on the Board, and leads our Financial Management SBU, as Executive VP.


Ranjit Mathew - Executive Director & VP

Ranjit Mathew is an Executive Director on the Board, and heads our Enabling (Shared) Services function as VP.


We help You Prioritize
         VALUE above FEATURES
We achieve this through RADICAL ROOTING


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Our Core Values!

  • Service
  •  Kindness
  •  Continually Improve Competence
  •  Growth-Sharpen the Saw
  •  Integrity
  •  Candor