Lead Accelerator: LinkedIn’s new marketing tool


LinkedIn, the business-oriented social networking site announced the roll out of a new tool, Lead accelerator, a lead generation and nurturing product that connects companies to the right professionals with the right content as they make their way through the purchase decision process. Through this announcement, LinkedIn, the career focused social network is expanding its marketing solutions portfolio focused on lead generation. Lead Accelerator is the core product that is to be used to connect companies “to the right professionals with the right content as they make their way through the purchase decision process. This pretty sophisticated tool perform a strategic analysis identifying your most likely leads and which outreach methods work best at a given time in the marketing cycle. As of today, LinkedIn Lead Accelerator will be available in most markets globally, and sold through a LinkedIn sales representative via an annual or quarterly subscription. It includes AutoFill, a form-fill tool to further accelerate conversions and an analytics tool that helps marketers design campaigns and then track, measure and improve impact across the metrics they care about. It’s currently available in English but will be expanded to other languages over time.

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