Microsoft ‘Clutter’ to de-clutter your inbox in Office 365

The software giant Microsoft has revealed ‘Clutter’, a feature designed to keep you focused only on the most important mails in your inbox. The clutter email tool is now live for Outlook Web App in Office 365. With the help of the clutter tool Outlook Web App (OWA) will filter the lower priority messages into a new Clutter folder.

clutter to declutter


Through Office Graph, a machine learning concept, Microsoft borrowed from Yammer’s social Enterprise Graph, OWA decides which mails are not a priority and automatically sort them. The filtering will be done by learning the user’s habits and preferences. Clutter is disabled by default and once it is turned on it begins taking actions after learning from your work style and preferences. You can turned off the clutter any time.

Clutter gets better the longer you use it and will adapt to changes in usage patterns. Alternatively users can train the clutter by simply tagging emails or dragging them into the clutter folder. The clutter folder allows you to take advantage of the features across many email clients including Outlook, OWA, OWA for devices or EAS connected devices.

The facility is already available to English language business users who have opted into Microsoft’s First Release program. Standard release business customers will see their updates rolling out later this month.

Similar to Google’s recently released self-teaching inbox, with clutter Microsoft is hoping to evolve emails into something intelligent that can learn from user’s preferences.

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