Predicting customer behavior online with Google’s Inpage analytics

When you open a store, you always have glass windows. Why? Because you want people to peep through as a window-shopper and walk out as a happy customer. You know by the looks of it who’s just shuffling clothes in an apparel store as a hobby and who’s serious on making a pick. But the same is not true online. Your online store sometimes feels like a black-box: you cant seem to get a pulse on what turns off a potential buyer and what interests a window-shopper. Sometimes you don’t even know if your serious buyers are clicking on the shopping cart. So how do we solve this problem?

Thankfully, Google has been looking into this. A few months ago Google announced a new feature on Google Analytics called Inpage analytics ( the new avatar of site overlay feature) which allowed marketers and owners of websites visually analyze each page on their website and do a customer behavior analysis. Here’s a demo of how this tool can actually help you, if you are desperate to find a way to analyze online customer behaviour on your site.

If you want to check Google’s introductory video for inpage analytics for an e-commerce solution, here it is.

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