Top 5 Digital Marketing trends for 2014-‘Social’izing shows the way

The growth of social media over the past few years is quite breathtaking. Major social giants like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest LinkedIn, etc. are not just connecting millions of users, but also redefining how marketing is done in the contemporary world. Social sites are not just a platform to share, but also a great way to listen. A real time feedback on what users/readers tell about your business can also be gained.  It reveals the personality of an organization.  The ubiquity of smartphones has also made the social life even more real time. Organizations that don’t have social media profiles or any social media optimization are left behind; missing out on -connections with customers, brand awareness, online visibility etc.  So in which direction are the marketing waves blowing and what strategies one should emphasis on social media for 2014?

Digital Media trends for 2014

Social Trends
1. Mobile Marketing: Mobile-izing marketing is getting to be a necessity. People are converging behind their smart phones & tablets. Mobile search advertising will continue to accelerate in 2014 also. Campaign trends reveal click-through-rates on smartphones and tabs have tripled compared to 2012. Keep a track on the opportunities of reaching users through mobile and improve your business position in global marketing
2. Static to Visual: Content will increasingly move from static text to more visual (interactive) modes. Integrating image based content into your social media site will enhance user engagement. Photos, short videos, info graphics etc. are likely to get more likes and comments
3. Organic to paid search: Expect to pay to play. Major social media campaigns will become paid in 2014.Learn how effectively the paid tools can be interpreted in your business. Facebook and LinkedIn are likely to introduce special features for paid campaigns. Be ready to pay for it in 2014
4. Instagram, Snapchat, and Google+ to go mainstream: Social networking sites like Instagram, Snapchat, What’s App and Google+ will take the front seat in the coming year. Major top brands are using these networks to reach out to  their customers in excellent ways. Google+ with 300 million monthly users, Instagram with 150 million users and Snapchat with its active monthly users exceeds 30 million are going to prove to be more effective in front of your customers. Trends show these sites are poised for continuous upward growth in 2014
5. Employee Advocacy: Make employees into social media advocates of your business. It is a cost-effective way to enhance the brand reach on social media.  Each employee will have an influence on his own social network. So engage them in sharing the company’s social media messages and gain a broader realm in social circle
Few trends of 2013 will gain more strength while few others may fall. However, there is one trend that was strong in 2013 that will definitely continue over the next year-and that is the fact that new applications, technologies and channels will continue to emerge, surprising us all.

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