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Microsoft Office Sway. Microsoft’s new app to the Office portfolio is an entirely different way to express yourself and bring your ideas to life. This app helps gather and format ideas and present them on an interactive web-based canvas. It is a new way for you to create beautiful, interactive, web-based expression of your ideas from your  phone or browser.

Sway’s design engine helps you quickly and easily produce professional, interactive, and visually appealing designs from images, text, documents, videos, maps, and more. To create a Sway, add pictures, text, documents or other content, and Sway will make it look great. Microsoft’s mission behind Sway is to make it easy to bring in content from multiple sources, so users can convey a richer story with photos, videos and other multimedia. The built-in design engine instantly puts user’s creations into cohesive layouts and designs, saving hours on formatting. The digital format enables the easy sharing of Sway with a link and ensure that it adapts to different screens. To read a Sway, just tap to open it and then scroll or swipe through the story. It is ready to share with world as soon as it is born.

How Microsft office Sway works?

With Sway you can create and share polished, interactive reports, presentations, personal stories and more in just few minutes. A ‘Sway’, the canvas you create using Sway is much more than a document in the traditional sense. It’s built from the ground up for the web and devices. A Sway adapts to fit the device that it’s viewed on, large or small, so your ideas always get the best treatment.

The purpose of office Sway is to convey concepts quickly, easily and clearly. Unlike PowerPoint, it is primarily for presenting ideas onscreen rather than to an audience. Tutorials, topic introductions and interactive reports are the sort of things to which it lends itself. Sway presentations are backed up to the cloud, and can be easily shared or embedded in websites. Within minute sway analyze and arrange the content based on algorithms and design styles and come up with a polished presentation that completely express your ideas. You can tell Sway how you want your ideas to appear to people, or let Sway do the work to give them a professionally designed and exciting look.

Sway’s built-in design engine takes the hassle out of formatting content by putting all of it into a cohesive layout as you create.  You can either create a sway from scratch or import an existing document to use as a starter. You can add, move or edit content in your sway.

If you want to express your ideas in a different way, it’s also possible with the Remix button. (Read in detail how to add, edit or remix contents in Sway).

Sign into start creating Sway

To get started with Sway, visit in any browser and then click Sign in on the top menu bar. When prompted, enter the email address you want to use with Sway. You can use your free Microsoft Account (Hotmail, or any organizational account given to you by your work or school.

If you don’t already have an account, visit to sign up for free. On the ‘My Sways’ page that opens after you’ve signed in, click or tap Create New to start creating your first Sway.

Video on how Sway works

The design engine of Sway does a pretty good job of making its presentations look coherent and optimizes the design for viewing across different devices. Unlike PowerPoint, there’s no option for creating content in Sway itself. It must be uploaded into the software as it’s intended to be used or it can be pulled in directly from a variety of different sources from within Sway. This helps to simplify the creation process, too, and minimizes the amount the time spent on producing a Sway. Current sources include YouTube, Facebook and Flickr.

Using the online version of Microsoft office Sway, there’s an option to import an existing Word, PowerPoint or PDF document from which a new Sway can be created. This means a Sway presentation drafted in Word or a PowerPoint presentation can be converted to a Sway story, with headings, text and media automatically broken up into relevant cards and sections.

By default, Microsoft office Sway is enabled for everyone in an organization. You can disable it any time. Disabling Sway ensures that no one in an organization can authenticate and use Sway with their organizational credentials. But disabling will not remove the Sway tile from the Office 365 app picker or home page.

Sharing your Sway is easy and it let you share with either public or people with link or just allow to stay private. Once a Sway is completed, it is possible to play it in the desired non-editing viewing mode and to share it. Sways can be shared via the user’s public gallery, via social media, as a link or as a piece of embeddable media. Sways can also be shared for co-authoring and collaboration. Sway works in all modern mobile browsers, regardless of platform.

Commercial Benefit of Sway

Sway’s interactive and easily shareable format is helping small business and professionals promote their services, showcase their expertise, recap their work and attract more customers. For commercial use, Sway has some exciting possibilities, especially for marketers. Items like newsletters, annual reviews, ‘how-to’ guides, industry reports and training guides could be streamlined by Sway and allow users with little technical or design know-how to create beautiful and effective online content.

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